Leveld - a book about home. Self published 2018. Design by Anette L’orange

Odelsrett: (A Scandinavian allodial title) The right to own or redeem a farm property at the price paid, if the property has belonged to the same bloodline for at least twenty years with no more than two years non-familial ownership.


Hey, grandma?____________ Yes?____________ Can’t you tell me once again how you met grandpa?____________ Oh, it was at the local stadion when we were kids. The girls from Leveld were so proud of my achievements in long jump. They said your grandpa was the only one to beat my record, but it didn’t really matter because he had such long feet. ____________ So you didn’t get together then? ____________ No, you know, that takes time. I don’t know if you are sure about that stuff until you’ve gotten to know the person, you know? ______ That’s impossible for me to know. ____________ So you don’t have a boy down there in Oslo, then?______ ______ Not right now, no. ____________ Oh, you have plenty of time. You’re young, you know. ____________ Yeah, but you know I have turned 28. ____________ Oh! You’re 28? Well, then I guess you just have to see how it goes. I mean, maybe you can find one back home? ____________ I don’t know, but I have thought a little bit about that. About home. You know, I am the oldest daughter. ____________ Yes you are. ____________ Yeah, and now girls can inherit the farm too. ____________ Yes, that was not possible when I was a kid. ____________ How would you feel if none of us wanted to live there? ____________ Oh, that would be strange. It runs in the family, you know. ____________ What would you like me to do? Should I move home and live on the farm? ____________ You know, it has to be up to you. Yes. You have to really think about it and then do what you feel, like and want. ____________ But grandma, that,s the worst answer______


These pictures are of my hills and my mountains. Of neighbors and friends. Of childhood adventures. The farm. Grandma, grandpa and my family. Maybe I want to make them proud. Or maybe I just want them and it to live forever.